Need ADA-Compliant signage for your business in the Rapid City area? Look no further than Unique Signs. We are trusted and experienced in creating signs compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). We produce ready-made and custom Braille signs for property managers and businesses that meet the requirements of the law.

We are fully aware that for Americans with disabilities, signs that are carefully designed and installed can make a tremendous difference. Let us help you make that difference.

Our signs adhere to Grade II Braille requirements. We have a variety of materials on hand, so we can create any sign you need. If you’re not sure about an order or have a question, just give us a call at 605-343-4603!

When it comes to ADA signage, don’t settle for a generic and indistinguishable sign. It is important that you choose a sign provider that knows ADA sign requirements and standards. Whether you need them to close inspection or multiple signs for an entire project, we’ve got you covered!

  • ADA Restroom Signs
Easy-to-read braille signs for men, women, and gender-neutral restrooms
  • ADA Standoff Signs
Standoff is a small piece of hardware consisting of a barrel, cap, and wall screw that secures the sign to the wall.
  • ADA Room Number Signs
Braille signage that indicates special rooms numbers for classrooms and/or office spaces
  • ADA Name Insert Signs
Custom room identification sign to help indicate the designation of rooms
  • ADA Elevator Signs
Braille signage to help indicate elevator messages, floor destinations, and elevator buttons
  • ADA Cubicle Name Plates
Help identify the occupants of the office spaces, desks, or cubicles with braille signage
  • Custom Lobby Signs
Used for lobby Signs, office signage & reception signs
Blue and black all gender restroom sign

ADA Restroom Signs are required to help those with visual impairments locate the correct restroom. ADA Restroom signs not only need Braille and tactile text, but they also need to be mountain in specific locations as well have a matte, eggshell, or glare-less color with a stark contrast colorway.

metal standoff sign that says conference room

Designed to be mounted with specialized hardware consisting of a barrel, cap and wall screw, Standoff Signs are able to pop out from the wall on which they are mounted. As a result, standoff signs have an eye-catching, 3-D effect.

Silver room number plaque with the number 200 and the word office

ADA Room Number/Name Signs are required by law for the fundamental purpose of making buildings safe and accessible to all people, including those with visual disabilities. They are required to have Braille and tactile text.

Gray and white name sign example with a room number above it

ADA Name Insert Signs need raised, tactile lettering and numbers. These signs are perfect for office buildings, schools, universities, hospitals, etc. and often include a room number along with the name of the person who inhabits the room.

Black and metal Elevator Sign floor one with a star

ADA Elevator Signs contribute to user safety and convenience for every day use and emergency situations for every type of person including those with visual impairments. These signs need to contain braille and tactile characters to help identify the floor number.

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